Best 15 Free Divi Child Themes In 2020

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Free Divi Child Themes

In the following article, I (Lovish Gulati) going to share with you the best 15 free Divi child themes and all these Divi child themes can be downloaded for free and you can use it on your website or your client website without any limitations.

1. Amped


Amped has many of the backgrounds with full-width in the parallax and also has the title text styled in overlays. There are various other actions which are photo gallery which has the link through which you can see a lot more, it also has the modules which are styled, along with that there is the section where there is the partner logo which is linked to the footer.

Amped is a good choice for you to showcase your services and products.

2. Divi business

divi business

Divi Business is considered as a multipurpose Divi child theme. This theme is totally focused on the business with all the professional and modern designs. Divi business is designed in a way that it is perfection.

In this, you can do any movement all over to any of the sections or even to the module of any different page. The various features it has are Instagram gallery integration, blurbs which have unique hover effects, and more.

3. Landing Free Divi Child Theme


The benefit it gives is that it places your title, two-buttons, description to your whole screen background image. It also has the dividers which work as a highlight to your whole design.

It is considered to be an excellent choice for you because it features the number of counters, team members, project section. It also has the animation section.

4. Forty


It is also a multi-layout theme with HTML5 UP. Its homepage has the whole- width photo which has the CTA overplay. Its images are shown in the 1/3+2/3 and also the 2/3+1/3 which makes the image lookout very elegant. It also has the feature of hover animation which makes the images under colored overlays.

There is the contact section in the Forty which has the two-column design with social icons. Many of the corporations and agencies can chose this.

Live Demo

5. Picture

ct picture

It is from the Candy themes and is also a one page photography. In parallax it shows the whole- width slider. It has the two – column section in which on the one side images are displayed and on the other side texts are displayed. It is potrayed like a image gallery. In this the testimonials with the elegant look and has the images and texts in background image with the dark overlay in the parallax.

The other things which it includes is contact information, a blog section , contact form along with the icons.

Picture can be considered as an awesome choice for the blog, a website and also for the portfolio.

6. Altitude


This design is from the LoveDivi and is also an one page with all purpose design. It has the two- column overlays and also the single column background. It has also has some of the amazing colors which helps in creating lots of design attitude.

It has the large areas for the text which is legit just visible overlap the columns.

For the great outdoors the Altitude is to be proved as the best choice.

7. Divi Resume Free Divi Child Theme

Divi resume

It is a theme from Ultimate Divi BuilderAddons. It is for the free lancers to display their resume. There is the use of partial animation so that the full screen header is standing different from all the competitors. There is the usage of very less design so that there is just enough texture for the separation of sections.

In Divi resume services are shown with large icons and text. Your sample work is displayed through the animated grid.

And for a fact minimal design still considered as best.

8. Julio


It is also a multi purpose child theme. Julio divi theme is from the Global Mente. There are lots of pages in it. Julio home page is whole width slider, a whole width project section and CTA.

Many of the free lancers and agencies can use the Julio divi theme. In it there are blurbs, toggles counters, styled modules, person modules and many more.

Live Demo

9. Kriar Creative


It is a four page layout, it is for the free lancers and creative businesses. In the home page of kriar creative there is the use of clean design and also the whole width header and CTA.

There is button of about section for the visitors to learn more.

And in the background parallax the services are displayed with large icons.

Every page in the Kriar creative has the same styling, and continue the professional shape.

10. Vintage idea

This is from the sunflower child theme this is design in a way that it grows your business. In it there are 4 pages and also the color scheme which is elegant. There is the styled subscription box to add to the its elegance. Many of the corporations and agencies chooses this.

Do you know how to create your own Divi Child Theme?

11. DP Moody Multi-Purpose

All the agencies and the business who wants to display there portfolio they use the DP Moody Multi Purpose divi theme. In this there are the 10 pages which also include the two different home page designs, gallery, FAQ, 404 and also a contact page. There is the custom menu.

12. Yellow

It is good for the online business and also the 1 page theme. There is the bold yellow theme in it and it totally focus on services and projects. There is the section about company which has similar design with the blurbs. In it all the module has the hover effects. There is the gallery in the Yellow divi theme for the person module, projects and also the styled contact section.

13. Divi All Purpose

Multipurpose child theme
This is designed purposely to create the business website. In it there re six pages which has the four home page with designs for the travel, yoga, business, coffee websites. There are lot of styles patterns in the background. In this there is the use of 2 colors icons for the blurbs. There are the other various features like footer, header and many more.

14. Vizo Free Divi Child Theme

By keeping online magazines in mind the Vizo was designed. It includes the two blog article designs. And both of them have the whole width image which has title in the circle and articles in the columns. All the related posts are in the circle.

15. Fashion Blogger


With the name we can judge that it was specially designed for the Youtube and fashion blogger. In it the topics are shown in the images which are tilted. The footer in the fashion blogger divi theme has the whole width image with all of the contact information in the overlay.

With all these Divi themes you will get an easy start to begin the designing. With all this you will go in the right direction totally. We hope you will like it and it will help you in finding the right way for your designing.

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