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Our History


The transformation from “Buy Unique Website” to “Duogeeks” tells an inspiring story.


Company Founded

After leaving school, I, Lovish Gulati, embarked on my journey on Fiverr. The thrill of receiving my very first order, a $30 project from New Zealand, was an exhilarating moment. It was at this point that my passion for web development and UI/UX design truly ignited.


Continued Growth

After one year in the web design field, I reached a significant milestone by attaining the coveted status of a Level 2 seller on Fiverr, marking a remarkable achievement in my career. This accomplishment fueled my aspiration to establish a personal website where I could proudly showcase my portfolio. My goal was twofold: to make it easier for potential clients to discover and hire me and to lay the foundation for what I dreamt would eventually become a distinguished brand in the world of web design.


Became A Certified Web Designer

I dedicated myself to continuous improvement, honing my skills through comprehensive assessment tests on platforms such as Fiverr, LinkedIn, and Udemy. As I found myself juggling an ever-increasing number of web design projects simultaneously, I began to experience the strain of working more than 12 hours a day.

In response to this challenge, I embarked on a new journey: the creation of a proficient team to assist me in managing and executing web design projects.


2 Brand Establishment

In 2018, I initially named my website “Buy Unique Website.” However, I’m now considering a rebrand to give it a more distinct and brand-like identity. The new name I’ve chosen is “Duogeeks,” which also has a unique story behind it.

Previously, I faced time constraints due to the volume of projects, but I’ve since overcome this challenge by bringing two talented designers on board. As a result, we now operate as a team of three.

Given our current stability with client projects, I’m excited to introduce a new brand called “Divi Awesome.” Under this brand, we will offer a range of Divi products.


Duogeeks & Divi Awesome A Success Story

We achieved the top-rated seller status on the Elegant Themes marketplace, received numerous 5-star ratings on Trustpilot, and crossed the 1,000-client milestone on Duogeeks. Moreover, within just one year, we’ve recorded over 1,500 sales on Divi Awesome.


New Brand

We’re experiencing rapid growth, which has led us to expand our team by hiring five new members specializing in web development, graphic design, UI/UX, and SEO. Additionally, we’ve introduced a new brand, “Bricks Awesome,” where we’ll be offering a range of Bricks products.


Born of BD Library, Hoost Awesome, Oxy Awesome

In 2023, we experienced significant growth and launched three new brands, making it a pivotal year for us. Now, our team consists of 10+ members.

  1. BD Library Awesome: This brand focuses on Breakdance products.
  2. Hoost Awesome: A game-changing venture offering lifetime Hosting services.
  3. Oxy Awesome: Specializing in Oxygen products.

In 2024, we’re planning to introduce another exciting “Awesome” brand.

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