How To Make A Divi Child Theme In 2020

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Divi Child theme

Divi child theme is the extension of the parent Divi theme which includes its very own style, functions, designs that are sole of the Divi theme. It is known to be a very possible way to add some of the advanced customizations to the theme.

Child theme does not have its own functions it takes them from the parent theme. This means in order to work the child theme, the parent theme has to be installed.

It has some of the advantages as it gives you a better way to organize all the customized CSS/code in one place, which keeps it easy to merge with others. Along with that, it helps to protect the code from clients who somehow get access to custom code from the theme customizer and settings.

There are two kinds of Divi Child Theme:

  • Blank child themes
  • Pre-designed child themes.
For Divi child theme there is the requirement of parent theme as well for the proper working of the Divi child theme. On the basic level, a child theme need three things;
  • A child theme folder is in the WordPress. It will be a folder that will hold your child theme files.
  • A style.css which is used to store the child theme.
  • A functions.php file is needed in the first level to keep together the wp_enqueue_scripts which will enqueue the parent theme.

There are various files which you need to create the Divi child theme:

It requires three files for its proper working;

  • functions.php
  • style.css
  • screenshot.png (1200px by 900px saved in png format)


The first thing when you create the Divi child theme is that you make the “style.css”.

This gives you the advantage of keeping together the information about your child themes such as author, name, description, and much more information like these. Another advantage it gives is to keep together the CSS style to give a customized look to your website.

In all this, the name of your theme is displayed on the directory.


 Theme Name:     Divi Child
 Theme URI:
 Description:    Divi Child Theme
 Author:         Duogeeks
 Author URI:
 Template:       Divi
 Version:        1.0.0
/* -- You can write the CSS below -- */


It is a template that is used by every WordPress theme. It is like a plugin which by himself gets in two things first the admin dashboard and the other one is the front-end page of the WordPress site.

In short, this is the home for the PHP code which is used for the additional functionality of the child theme.


function divi__child_theme_enqueue_styles() {
    wp_enqueue_style( 'parent-style', get_template_directory_uri() . '/style.css' );
add_action( 'wp_enqueue_scripts', 'divi__child_theme_enqueue_styles' );
//you can add custom functions below this line:


It is the image that is visible in the theme directory. The size of the image is 1200 by 900 pixels.

Uploading and activating the child theme

Once you are able to create the style.css, function.php then you have to try and start uploading the child theme you have made and also activate it. You also have to see that the Divi theme is uploaded because then only the child theme will be able to function once it gets activated.

There are two ways:

If you have created your child theme folder directly in WordPress then there is no need for the whole process you can simply go to WordPress dashboard and navigate to the Appearance > Theme and click the activate button.

Another way is to create your child theme folder and all the files in your computer, firstly you have to compress it in (ZIP) in order to be in the proper format so that it can upload in the WordPress.

Once your folder is zipped, then you have to upload it and activate it and this process is the same as the normal theme, just click Appearance > Theme in the WordPress dashboard and then activate it.

For the checking that your Divi child theme is working, you can add CSS in your child theme style.css file and save it.

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Editing the Divi’s function.php file

It is the place where all the main functions are stored of the Divi. In order to add some more functions, you need to create a functions.php file in the folder. And you have to see that it does not on the parent theme. It just adds some of the new functions to it.

Edit The Template File

You can edit the style.css and functions.php as well as you can edit the parent’s theme. Template files are replaced totally with the new one. In order to edit it, firstly you have to replicate the old one before editing it for new. In order to do that you simply have to copy and then paste the original file in the child folder by seeing it that the location and name of the file are the same.

Migrate the Current custom CSS and code to a new theme.

Once the Divi child theme is made just make sure that everything is in one place. If you have the CSS or the code in Divi migrate it to the child theme by the option of (cut and paste).

Update The Child Theme

Updates are coming regularly in everything. Once in awhile your Divi child theme will also ask for the update and it will change some of Divi theme files and it may lead to the break of the child theme. All this happens because of the old code in the child theme which is required to be updated.

Final Thoughts

The creation of the Divi child theme is easy and also has many benefits. It doesn’t let you lose your customization. Meaning a new child theme can be created without losing the old child theme.

It is considered as the hardest way of creating a Divi child theme.

Few of the benefits it gives is:

  • You do not lose customizations with the Divi updates.
  • Easy to make.
  • Child themes can be reused as well as sell.

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